the three's class

The children have circle time each day as well as bible time, creative movement, outdoor and/or indoor play, and a 45 minute quiet/rest time.

Activities and concepts are research-based and developmentally appropriate. Interactive circle times and themed centers help children learn, grow, and have fun!

Circle Time: In the Big Red Barn
• Large group activity
• Language and vocabulary

Prereading: A-B-C Time
• Print awareness
• Letter recognition
• Auditory discrimination 

Prereading: Colors Are Fun!
• Color recognition
• Prereading: Rhyme Time
• Language expression
• Auditory discrimination
• Dramatizations

Listening and Literature: 
Once Upon a Time

• Tales in the Barnyard stories
• Read aloud suggestions
• Listening skills and visual

Premath: 1,2, 3, Go!
• Counting and number
• Sorting and sequencing 

Premath: Look Up, Look Down
Opposites and positional

Premath: Show Me a Shape
• Shape recognition Large
motor skill development
• Following directions
• Creative movement

Environment: Let's Discover!
• Science and observation
• Hands-on learning

Arts: Let's Create! 
• Creative expression
• Hand-eye coordination 

Music: Sing with Me
• Singing and listening
• Moving and playing

Motor: A Hop, Skip, and a Jump
Social interaction

Social: Happy Habits
Manners, habits, and
social training

Cooking: Yummy in My Tummy
• Cooking and following
• Sensory and language