young four's

Our Four's class provides an inviting environment that focuses on academic, social, emotional and behavioral development.

• Recognition of alphabet letters
• Phonemic awareness of alphabet sounds /a/-/z/
• Movement from left to right and top to bottom

Listening and Literature
• Daily exercises on listening and following directions
• Hands on and kinesthetic listening activities
• Interactive Bible stories
• Age appropriate stories that connect to the curriculum
• Listening questions to develop comprehension
• Show and share time to develop social listening and speaking

• Correct posture, pencil hold, and paper placement
• Prewriting skills; finger tracing and pencil tracking of left-to-right, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, zigzag, and curved line
• Uppercase and lowercase PreCursive alphabet; numbers 1-20

• Number recognition 1-20
• Counting 1-31
• Pattern and color sequencing
• Calendar
• One to one correspondence
• Position words

Social Studies
• School
• Family
• Community Helpers
• Thanksgiving
• Christmas
• Church Helpers
• Transportation
• Five Senses
• Environment
• Mother's Day
• Father's Day

• Plants and animals
• Hands-onexperiments: chemical reactions, magnets, balance, and environmental
• Weather

• Daily crafts that correspond to the curriculum

Fine and gross motor development activities; games, action rhymes, and action songs

• Creative movement and music class
• Action songs
• Bible songs